VestaEco FLOOR

Sound insulating base for floating floors: boards, panels and laminates.


Evens out surface imperfections up to 3 mm and insulates footstep sounds. The use of natural resources during the production process results in a 100% eco-friendly material that does not emit any harmful substances into the room.

Product advantages:

  • Healthy, eco-friendly material based on natural resources
  • Perfect impact sounds insulation
  • Allows to even out imperfections of the surface
  • High compressive strength
  • Does not absorb water
  • Eco-friendly production process, thanks to the use of innovative, patented DefibraTech 1.0 technology

Available dimensions

format thickness pieces / pallet m2 / pallet kg/m2 kg/pallet
600x800 15 256 (32x8) 122,88 3,60 442
pieces / pallet256 (32x8)
m2 / pallet122,88

Technical Parameters

densityapprox. 240 kg/m3
thermal conductivity coefficient λD0,050 W/(m*K)
thermal capacity C2100 J/(kg*K)
diffusion resistance factor μ5
short-term water absorption<1 kg/m2
compression strength150 kPa
fire classificationE
componentslignocellulosic fibres, PMDI resin
material manufactured in compliance with the normPN-EN 13171