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VestaEco V

An environmentally friendly vapor barrier based on cardboard.

It is a very durable, laminated, four-layer vapor barrier layer reinforced with polyester mesh. It provides a healthy indoor environment by maintaining an optimum moisture content. It also protects thermal insulation and structural elements against excessive water vapor. VestaEco V is an ideal solution for eco-friendly house construction with the use of natural insulation materials. Due to its increased mechanical properties, it is commonly used in combination with VestaEco CELL blow-in cellulose. Easy assembly and special VT tape for taping joints ensure effective operation.

Product advantages:

  • Provides a healthy indoor environment
  • Stops water vapor
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Robust, recommended for VestaEco CELL blow-in cellulose
  • Easy installation ensures effective operation

Technical Parameters

componentsmultilayer cardboard, polyester
weight221 g/m2
thickness0,3 mm
Sd coefficient0,70 m
air resistance57 s/100 ml
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