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Insulation of a timber frame wall with plastering

U=0,20 W/(m2*K), Rt=5,0 (m2*K)/W

Insulation of a timber frame wall finished with plaster consists in filling the voids between the frame studs with VestaEco CELL or VestaEco FIBRA wool and sheathing the wall with VestaEco PROTECT rigid insulation board. Vapor-permeable board forms a base for plastering of vapor permeable characteristics. Fixing of the board to the frame studs should be made with carpentry screws or staples.

Layers description:
  1. Lime-sand plaster 10 mm on 10x10 mm glass fiber mesh 
  2. Lime finishing 2 mm
  3. Potassium varnish
  4. Carpentry screws with washers or Prebena WP staples 
  5. VestaEco PROTECT 60 mm
  6. VestaEco CELL / FIBRA 140 mm
  7. Timber frame structure
  8. VestaEco V vapor barrier
  9. Fermacell board 12,5 mm

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