VestaEco M

Natural jute mesh.

Natural jute mesh. Durable jute mesh for reinforcement of natural interior and exterior renderings with the use of VestaEco boards. The VestaEco M mesh provides a solid reinforcement for ETICS systems. It is made of high quality jute fibers impregnated with polyvinyl acetate, which ensures an easy installation and durability of the rendering.

Product advantages:

  • Natural origin
  • Provides solid reinforcement of thermal insulation systems
  • Stifness and easy installation thanks to impregnation

Available dimensions

Format Thickness pieces / pallet m2 / pallet kg/m2 kg/pallet
100 cm x 50 mb
Format100 cm x 50 mb
pieces / pallet
m2 / pallet

Technical parameters

componentsjute fibre, polyvinyl acetate
weight150 g/m2
mesh size5 mm